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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 21

Hart of Dixie

Season 2 Episode 21
"I'm Moving On"

Where to begin with this episode?  Are there any rational and stable adults left in Bluebell? This was a barrage of  Disney style shenanigans.  Wade holding up a beam looking helpless? Lavon dumping trash on the Filmore mayor’s doorstep? I thought for sure this episode would be better than last week’s but I was mistaken. There was too much going on. My recap is considerably longer than last week’s because of the cluster of subplots.

Let’s begin, shall we?  We open with Zoe showing up at George’s with alcohol. Leave it alone Zoe. I still love Rachel Bilson but Zoe Hart was NOT likable in this episode.  What are they doing to her character? Anyway, Zoe apologizes again and pleads insanity. She also feels the need to tell George that she is online dating. She badly needs a Lavon replacement.

Wade and Lemon are knee deep in repairs at the Rammer Jammer and the cost just keeps going up. Lemon has a respectable contractor to come look at the damage and Wade dismisses him in favor of a considerably less expensive contractor. 

Upon returning from giving Dolly Parton a walk, Tansy questions George about why Zoe was walking away from their boathouse. George is honest and lets her know why she was there. Of course she’s not too happy about finding out about Zoe still having feelings about George. She’s naturally upset about it. George attempts to put her mind at ease. Cut to the next scene.

Rose is rifling through Zoe’s clothes because 9th and 10th grade prom is coming up.  Can someone tell me if that’s actually a thing? I thought there was only junior and senior prom. When did underclassmen get their own dance? My bad, let’s move on. Rose is going with Matt. Remember him? The kicker that had a crush on Zoe. While she’s doing that, Zoe is on the laptop looking at the potentials that have hit her up on the site. Apparently she did a bad job setting it up because Rose steps in and helps her. One guy catches Zoe’s eye and she’s feeling good about him.

At the Breeland residence, Brick sits his daughters down and announces his engagement to Shelby. The girls are shocked. On top of that, he casually mentions that he proposed after surgery for his tumor. Right after that Shelby chimes in that she left Brick as he lay dying in the hospital. I’m not sure if I liked this scene or I just wanted to like it.

Back at the Rammer Jammer, Lavon tells Wade he needs to shut down for repairs. Wade let him know he did the repairs himself.

A few feet away, Tansy is at a table alone sulking. Wanda comes by and checks on her. Tansy let’s her know about the whole Zoe situation even the part about Zoe online dating. Wanda says that it’s probably just her insecurity and she should get their “star charts” done. According to her, it’ll measure their compatibility.

Zoe walks in and starts looking for the guy she is to meet. It turns out that it’s Meatball. I honestly don’t remember him from previous episodes. Wade dies laughing and pounds the bar to where a small section of the ceiling falls in. So much for saving money on repairs.

The next subplot involves Lavon and the mayor of Filmore. Lavon and Mayor Gainey exchange revenge tactics. In the end, AnnaBeth comes through with a major compromise that benefits Bluebell more. AnnaBeth was the saving grace of this episode.

Magnolia gets a nose piercing that Brick is against and she informs him that Shelby said it was cute. Brick calls Shelby in and come to find out, she didn’t like it but didn’t know she could say something. Brick tells her she has as much say so as he does.

(sighs) We’re almost through the ep. Hang in there.

Back to Tansy and those star charts. She shows them to George and is ecstatic that they are ultra-mega compatible. George has this hesitant look on his face and we all know it has something to do with his time of birth.

Rose and Max stealthily set up Zoe with Max’s dad, Michael. Their date is awkward but not unpleasant.

Back at the bar, Wade hired another contractor. This guy tells Wade that beam is fragile and may give way at any second. Wade jumps on the ladder to hold the beam while the guy gets his jack. Turns out he’s not going to get his equipment, he’s just gonna take cash from the register and leave Wade holding that beam. Lemon walks in a short time later and it’s implied she helps Wade but now they are seriously in need of cash.

Lemon goes to her father for help but with Shelby’s newfound knowledge that she has say so, she states that Lemon needs to stand on her own two feet. Lemon holds her tongue and leaves. Later Lavon approaches her and offers to loan her money. She realizes that Shelby was right and declines Lavon’s offer. Later Brick and Shelby have a tiff about him trying to sneak Lemon some money. It comes out that Brick is still hurt and angry about her leaving him in his hour of need. After talking about it, they decide they should just get married as soon as possible.

Zoe shows up to Rose and Max’s prom as a chaperon but really it’s to check out Michael again. She lets him know that she’s into him and he confesses he is not attracted to her and her drama. By the way, George and Tansy are also chaperons and Tans is not happy Zoe showed up. I can’t blame her. She confronts her (finally) and Zoe freaks out and makes a scene reinforcing Michael’s belief that she is full of drama.

Tansy decides to break up with George. I was really bummed for him. Poor guy, he can’t catch a break and it’s always Zoe’s fault.

While Lemon and Wade are drinking their problems away, Lavon shows up with what seems like half the town. With everyone pitching in they should be up and running in no time.

Shut the front door! Moment

I want Zoe and Wade together but not like this! Sympathy sex?!?!? Ugh!!!


I have none. I don’t know where this show is going anymore. 

Well there you have it. I know I said this last week, but hang in there. I have hopes that next week's ep should be better. Right?

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